Thursday, February 12, 2009

Upcoming Week

This is highly optimistic, as I can't get this much done. The issues that relate/contribute to my research have priority, which is pretty much the first point, maybe the last point, and a number of other items that no-one would be interested in, so I don't blog. Feedback welcome.
  • Log Socket Layer to Disk: need to record communications with peers for later scrutiny. Particularly when there's many peers, it's hard to decipher what problems have occurred.
  • Implement Pause: pause should put the torrent into a holding pattern: no more connections should be accepted or sought. Tracker should be informed downloading has stopped. Existing connections should be choked. Should pass "not interested" to all peers for the moment. If disconnects occur, that's okay. Unsure about keep-alives.
  • Implement Memory on Disk: create an abstraction layer, so that a block can be resolved to part (or parts) of the destination files for saving and uploading. This is so we don't need to store the whole torrent in memory at one time, instead we save what we receive as soon as it's confirmed.
  • Implement Memorising Torrents between Sessions: so we can close Firefox and resume later.
  • Implement Resuming from File Set: if we find the target files already in the destination folder, let's see if we can complete them against the torrent's description.
  • Implement Limiting Which Files Downloaded: this is partially done already, due to my other goals. Just needs a user interface.
  • One Server handles all incoming connections: Still not done.

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