Monday, February 2, 2009

Early Third Release - Bittorrent for Firefox

Yay. The Bittorrent extension for Firefox is almost suitable for users. You can use it! Though you'll have to quit Firefox to cancel/pause/stop torrents. Thus far this hasn't caused problems for me, as seeding has been pretty quiet. Probably don't want to do it on huge torrents, as the torrent is still kept in memory. This release is a day earlier than planned.

What You Get
  • Clicking a torrent gives you the option of saving it, passing on to the default downloader manager dialog, or canceling.
  • Seeding/creating a single file torrent from the Tools menu. Provide option of saving .torrent files.
  • Default seeding until reaching DL/UL ratio of 1/1.5, or no limit if creating a seed.
  • No way to manage (eg. stop, pause) the torrents other than closing Firefox.
  • The first torrent started launches a server on port 6881. The others attempt to, but will fail.
  • See communications via the error console. It gets very noisy.

  • Corrected call to XPCOMUtils.categoryManager.addCategoryEntry. Since components are NOT registered every application opening, the 4th parameter needs to be true if we want to handle the bittorrent content type (mimetype) when the browser restarts.
  • All this time, the XPI has been badly structured. The components folder was being placed in the chrome jar, when it should be in the root of the xpi. A discussion with ashughes forced me to check the installation process and fix this issue. Everyone benefits.
  • Compliance with tracker's minimum update time.
  • Keepalive handler is being fired correctly.

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