Saturday, February 7, 2009

Early Fourth Release - Bittorrent for Firefox

Yay. Finally, a user interface for managing torrents: you can list torrents, view progress & file manifests. Feedback on using the UI would be handy. I'm looking at improving the ability of logging interactions with peers for future debugging, so next week's release I'm hoping for feedback on peer errors.

What You Get
  • Clicking a torrent gives you the option of saving it, passing on to the default download manager dialog, or canceling.
  • Seeding/creating a single file torrent from the Tools menu. Provides option of saving .torrent files, and adding a web seed (Info on web seeds).
  • Default seeding until reaching DL/UL ratio of 1/1.5, or no limit if creating a seed.
  • Tools > List Torrents lists torrents.
  • Have the option of pausing - but it's only cosmetic.
  • Have the option of cancelling a torrent. Should work, testing desired.
  • The first torrent started launches a server on port 6881. The others attempt to, but will fail.
  • See communications via the error console. It gets very noisy.

  • Supports requests over piece boundaries.
  • If there is no need to choke, it won't. Previously, any leacher was choked after a certain amount of downloading, and then unchoked almost immediately if no other peers were pending.

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