Monday, February 23, 2009

Fifth Release - Bittorrent for Firefox

This release may be a tad broken, as there was a push to get new features in, but then that was left to focus on reducing memory usage. If you want to check it out, do so and please provide feedback.
If you're looking for a user friendly or stable bittorrent handler: try this out once before uninstalling, give feedback on this post, and come back to the blog (bookmark it!) later this week. If I get feedback, I'll make a nice tidy release based on the feedback, just for you (Awwh). After that, I'm on holiday. Woo! Adelaide Fringe Festival!

What You Get
  • The opportunity to test.
  • Torrent data is now saved directly to disk. Probably want some middle ground there, but whatever.
  • Clicking a torrent gives you the option of saving it, passing on to the default download manager dialog, or canceling.
  • Tools > List Torrents lists torrents. It's in the middle of cosmetic changes, feel free to comment. There's a 20 second timeout on updating stats: I found updating XUL listboxes on torrents with hundreds of pieces gave an unpleasant UI experience.
  • Have the option of pausing - but it's only cosmetic.
  • Have the option of cancelling - but cancelling code is incomplete.
  • The first torrent started launches a server on port 6881. The next torrent launches a server on 6882, this continues with an increment of 1 for each new torrent.
  • Default to hide log messages, but show error messages. (Needs a code edit to change, not in preferences yet)
  • Pre-allocation of disk space.
  • Less memory usage (so it would seem).
  • When there's a single seed, the speed has been improved up to 4 times from the last release (results will vary wildly). This is likely to do with having implemented pipelined requests; now we keep 2-4 requests pending with the peer. Previously, we waited until receiving a response before sending a new request.

  • Correct reporting of remaining bytes to Tracker. Previously, treated last piece as equal length to normal pieces.
  • Temporary fix for servers. Now we create a server for each torrent, starting at port 6881 and going up by 1 for each torrent managed.
  • If we find the peer that connected has the same peerid as our model, we close the connection. It's ourself! (Or a very unlikely occurrence) This is actually kinda hard to know without connecting.
  • Probably some other things.

Check Out
Here's some things to check out, that I've liked in the past. Test these with the extension!
Update 2009-02-24: The PBS interviews have 2 problems: 1) the content type is incorrect 2) the trackers don't know the torrents. Soooo, they won't work anymore for any bittorrent client (except maybe DHT clients, ooh, next feature?)

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