Thursday, January 29, 2009

Request for Requests

It's kind of early, as the extension isn't useful or usable to anyone at the moment (next week!), however if you want the extension as either an end in itself, or as a component to enable torrenting for your extension, please offer up some request on what you want.

At the moment, it's pretty pointless installing the add-on, but someone might have an idea of how or why they'd use it, so some UI or preferences requests would be applicable, or some IDL request.

I figure if people use the extension, they'll find bugs and that helps me with my own purposes, so I'm giving a bit of my time to fulfill requests to get a bit of help. :-)

There is some possibility of making an IDL for ashughes, and I'd like to work on that with you ASAP, if you're interested. Asaik the IDL would abstract what is needed from a torrent handler. I'm thinking it'd provide a connection state (IE. whether or not satisfactory connection with other peers), torrent state (IE. whether the swarm has all pieces), start/pause/stop methods, open method that takes the contents of a .torrent file, and a piece listener (analogous to nsIStreamlistener, except data comes in out of order).

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