Saturday, January 24, 2009

Progress - Setup

Testing the seeding action is a bugger. In order to test a seed, the client must already have loaded the torrent (at minimum a single piece, at best random pieces), then a leech must connect and download.
So, in order to make life somewhat easy (funny, it doesn't sound easy), I'm going to make a tool to create torrents.
When it comes to test a seed, I can open a dialog, select a file and specify a tracker. If I want, I will then be given the option of saving the .torrent to disk. Now I will have a seed, and have a .torrent file I can pass to a leech to test with.
I can't think of an easier way, without introducing another bittorrent client into the picture, which is something I'm mostly trying to avoid.
EDIT (Jan 26): To clarify, I'm happily connecting to other clients, I just don't want to run another bittorrent client on the same machine at this time.

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