Friday, November 6, 2009

Burying The Dead

Sigh. The time has come. I'll try to develop a more detailed post mortem, might create some content for a small bit of a thesis.
Partly in an effort to find a memory leak, way back in March I went about splitting the Bittorrent XPCOM work into separate reusable components. With hope, things like BirdTorrent could make use of these components, as the code is reliant on Mozilla's platform rather than any direct system calls.
Things attempted:
  • Splitting the work into parts eg. Server, PeerFactories, Torrents, Bencoding library, BitTorrent Wire library, BitTorrent Utility library
  • One step build
  • Testing of individual components
These didn't go well. Things didn't go well at all. The fact that the last release of something usable was February, and it's now November, isn't a particularly thrilling fact. Pretty much each task I've gone along with in that time has stalled at some point, so now my project has more loose ends than functioning ones. There's been times when I've thought it might get better, but I don't really have the support needed for this development (or not willing to ask for it, because it needs too much). It's damn irritating, but at this point I think fixing what's broken would take more time than just starting again.
My aim is to let the current work die. Start afresh, and as it goes I hope to pick through the bones for what may be used, without inheriting the bits that caused this collapse.

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